Asset Management

The strategy of good outsourcing of services and projects involves a relationship of trust and specialization in specific sectors

Asset Management

1.-Mortgage Management

The pre-signature process

The outsourcing of business processes is one of the activities with which this office has the material, human and technical means to carry out an integral management of the mortgage process. With technical means, reference is made to the holding of an electronic file that facilitates the processing of the case (management of registry documents, real estate appraisals, calculation of the appropriate provisions of funds and legal reports and briefings), in what is known as the most initiatory phase of the operation.

From BoschMorera Abogados y Economistas we carry out all the necessary procedures for the correct coordination of all the agents involved, until the formalization of the operation.

The integral management of the case finally passes through to the correct inscription in the Register of the formalized right. Similarly, the liquidation of taxes is another facet with which we have extensive experience. Finally, the process ends with the final settlement of the provision of funds and we facilitate the case file to the parties involved.

2.- Asset recovery

The non-payment of credits and arrears is one of the specialties of this firm. Our lawyers' handling of files in an irregular situation ensures maximum efficiency in customer service. The basis of this process sets the maxim that our office proposes: a personalized and continuous management of the file, studying the payment capacity of the delinquent and providing solutions and scenarios according to each risk situation.

The active management of the rights in mortgage guarantee must be in agreement with a basic premise: to avoid unnecessary losses to the client as well as the effective management of the time, administering correctly the control of payments and the claim of debtor positions.

3.- Asset Management

Known as "Property Management", the key to the success of BOSCHMORERA lies in the management of all those activities necessary for the possession and marketing of assets. By virtue of the foregoing, we have attractive legal and accounting tools that define our 'know how':

Comprehensive advice and proactive asset management
Cost optimisation and evaluation of the client's personal situation
Obtaining return on investment and minimizing risk
In short, what novelties does BOSCHMORERA Abogados y Economistas offer in the field of mortgage and real estate asset management? Like any outsourcing process, it ensures efficient document management, verification of documents in the file and a wide range of BPO solutions for the financial and economic sector.

Similarly, we have in our office a proven experience in real estate services consisting of:

  • Pre-sale services
  • Due Diligence of real estate
  • Platform for financing operations
  • Marketing and sales collaborations
  • Management of rental assets at all stages including non-payment of rental income.