Procedural Law

Prevention is the basis of our profession, but on many occasions it is necessary to resort to ways and measures that are necessary for the satisfaction of the interests of our customers.

Procedural Law

At Bosch Morera Abogados y Economistas we have a long track record in the procedural field, having participated in numerous judicial proceedings, representing legal entities and individuals.

The legal actions carried out by this service are mainly actions of a prejudicial nature, aimed at analysing a situation with all possible scenarios, advising companies and individuals on the suitability of the measures to be carried out.

Previously, as prejudicial advisors, our obligation is to evaluate, analyze and qualify all the possible avenues available to the client.
On the other hand we also carry out judicial actions, if this route is the most advisable for the resolution of the conflict and the protection of the interests of the client. Our areas of action are the following:

  • Civil
  • Mercantile
  • Labor
  • Marriage and Family
  • Contentious-administrative
  • Administrative-sanctioner
  • Penal-economic
  • Community
  • Unfair competition
  • Insolvency
  • Recovery of non-performing loans

At the same time, extrajudicial actions are another way to be present in our firm, as long as it is the best solution and the interests of our clients are preserved. We are experts in negotiation techniques in order to reach amicable agreements, proposing alternative solutions and/or drawing up contracts to restart a legal situation.